OMD lives integration

Integrated communication is far more than the mere connection of various media and disciplines.


In an era that has rendered the traditional one-dimensional communications model (push) of sender & recipient obsolete and has long replaced it with a multi-dimensional model (push & pull), which includes a mature, informed and active consumer, the networking of measures is of critical importance - not only in order to reach consumers, but more specifically to activate them and to consequently drive their brand loyalty even more effectively.


OMD integrates and orchestrates measures and channels based on strong strategic ideas in congruence with their respective effects and efficiency. In this context, the consideration of the pertinent tools extends far beyond the utilization of classic media and includes below-the-line activities such as promotions, dialogs and PR. As a result, we create homogeneous campaigns that consistently contribute to the business and sales success of our clients.


At OMD, we live integral work also in the structural sense: Every OMD agency has a team of strategists, planners, buyers, digital experts, internationalists and researchers - and they all work under a single roof. Besides smooth communications planning, this also warrants that the planned components are purchased under extremely efficient terms (Buy the Plan) and the subsequent immediate evaluation of each campaign.


This single source approach makes OMD agencies considerably more autonomous and boosts our flexibility, agility and capacity of pushing objectives through.




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