The future of media is digital. Media of the future is digital.

In 2007, online advertisement spendings exceeded the expenditures for ads in magazine publications for the first time. As a result, the Internet advanced into the league of the top advertising vehicles. Today, the ongoing digitalization results in a raft of innovations - a trend, which will only increase in the future. Online is infrastructure and medium at the same time, constantly creating new advertising solutions.

In our opinion, as a consequence of the fast pace of the digital development in recent years, much more attention needs to be paid to the critical viewing of dealing with quality. For that reason we committed ourselves to a 7 pillar program for more quality in online advertisement.

It is our declared goal to keep delivering digital campaigns in close cooperation with strategists and planners, concept developers, creative talents as well as programmers, that foster the active and intensive confrontation of consumers with brands and products and therefore make a measurable and sustainable contribution to the business success of our clients.

Our services in the field of digital marketing are covering everything from online advertising and affiliate marketing to social media measurements. Insights and technology are always taking a key role in this context. Along with ad-serving, tracking and web analysis, real-time-bidding, targeting in every facets, and social web intelligence are part of our service portfolio.