The communications world changes all the time
- so does OMD

As a full service media agency, OMD does offer its customers the entire bandwidth of media and communications consulting services, which includes everything from the market analysis and the understanding of the target groups to strategy, concept development and planning, negotiations and purchasing to processing, optimization and campaign evaluation.


The customer has a choice to either make use of the entire service spectrum or to compile services in a modular and customized manner to accommodate the client’s own wishes and needs.


What distinguishes OMD from other media agencies is that we approach all individual services (including media buying) strategically. We subsequently review the strategy and if necessary, start from scratch to realign it with your needs.


OMD has, after all, recognized the new challenges communications face in times of fragmenting, vast message and offer diversity and the shifting of powers all the way down to the consumer early-on: Communication today has to be relevant of course - yet it ALSO has to be efficient. To achieve this, OMD has identified four key performance indices:


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