Data protection

Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH is a group of companies consisting of the following companies: OMD Düsseldorf, Media Team OMD, GFMO OMD, Heye OMD, PHD Germany, BrandScience, Annalect Group, OMG Outdoor.
The following, in referring to ‘OMD’, shall be understood as denoting all of the aforementioned companies with the exception of PHD Germany. OMD takes the protection of personal data seriously and wishes to protect your privacy. Consequently, it is important to us to comply with the laws relating to data protection. We would like for you to know what data we collect and store, and how we use these data.

1. Collection and processing of http log data
Whenever you visit our web site, and every time you call up a file, our Web server collects log information about these processes (e.g. browser type, retrieval date and time). These are not personal data. As a result, we have no way of assigning the data we collect to a particular natural person.
We evaluate all of this information solely for statistical purposes. The data are not forwarded to third parties. We do not link these data with other data. In addition, once statistically evaluated the data are routinely deleted within a week's time.

2. Use of personal data
What are personal data?
Personal data consist of information used to establish your identity. This includes information such as name, your postal address, your e-mail address or other personal particulars.
We collect personal data about you only, and insofar as, you yourself knowingly make them available to us. Specifically, these personal data are used for advertising/market research purposes, and to aid us in designing our services, only if you have granted us your express consent to do so.
Where is personal permission required?
If you apply for employment with us, we ask you to provide your name, your address and other particulars about yourself. The data forwarded to us for your application are encrypted prior to transmission over the Internet. If you make use of our offerings, such as the Communication Check (Kommunikationscheck) or the Press List (Presseverteiler), we ask you to provide your name, address and e-mail address. At a minimum, we ask for your e-mail address if you subscribe to our Newsletter or News Distribution List (Newsverteiler).
You alone decide whether or not to provide us with these data. To the extent that you do provide us with these data, in doing so you consent to the storage and processing/use thereof by OMD for the aforementioned purposes. You may rescind this consent at any time - including via e-mail - with regard to the future use of your information. In the event, OMD has an obligation to delete your personal data immediately.
Is personal information forwarded to third parties?
We store and process your personal information on our own servers; your personal data are only used within OMD. OMD will not sell or hire out your information, or make it available in any other way, to any third parties.

3. Use of cookies
Cookies are data sets sent by the Web server to a user’s Web browser, where they are stored for subsequent retrieval. You yourself decide whether cookies can be collected by choosing your browser settings to prompt you to provide express approval for storage of any cookies received.
We use cookies only for the purpose of collecting information about the use of our Web offerings, and for statistical purposes.
Our cookies do not contain any specific personal information but rather a simple, randomly assigned numeric indicator we can use to identify your computer during visits to our online offerings. For your security, OMD uses only cookies stored on the server and not on the client (the visitor’s PC). The only thing stored on the client is a reference (ID) to this server cookie. You may visit our websites even if you have set your browser to deny acceptance of cookies.
The data sets do not contain any personal information. No attempt is made to merge these data sets with any personal data you may have made available to us.

4. Right to information
You have the right to receive information about the data stored about you at any time; this information also includes the origin and recipients of these data and the purpose for which the data have been processed. Please direct your enquiry to us in writing, either via e-mail or via letter sent to one of the addresses shown below.
This Data Protection Statement applies only to contents on our servers and does not extend to websites to which links are featured on our own website.

5. Links to other websites
The OMD website contains links to other websites. OMD is not responsible, and accepts no liability whatsoever, for the data-protection measures made and/or the content of these websites.

6. About us
If you have any further questions about data protection or seek information about your data, of if you wish to request corrections to or deletion of your data, you are kindly requested to direct your request to the following address. Your contact for matters of data protection will be pleased to assist you.

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